This workshop introduces you to the superb Gond painting style of the Gond ethnic group. The Gond clans generally inhabit the mountainous territories of central-eastern India. Using the visuals at your disposal, you will create your own art work seeking inspiration from this traditional style, so rich in patterns and colours.

Historically, it was the women who created clay reliefs to adorn the walls of their house. They painted such reliefs in a variety of clay-based colours. The Gond people are animists and believe that stones and trees are inhabited by spirits, hence the predominance of plant motifs and animal subjects in their painting.

It is thanks to the Gond artist, Jangarh Singh Shyam, that this particular aesthetic is experiencing an important revival and international claim. Indeed, he was the first to paint ancestral subjects and patterns on paper and canvases using acrylic paint, thus founding a new school of contemporary Indian art called «Jangarh Kalam».

Beginners welcome.

When : Saturday 15 June
Where : Atelier du Square, François Bonivard 4, 1201 Geneva
Length: 3 hours
Price : CHF 85.- material included
Contact : [email protected]