The creative and artistic space Arts & Expression, set up by the artist and art therapist Eurydice Malvina, kindly welcomes all those who wish to:

Painting classes and workshops, artistic and creative techniques

Study of light, form and depth | Abstraction | © Eurydice Malvina (2024)

Discovery, exploration, relaxation, open-mindedness and freedom of expression are the hallmarks of the program of artistic activities. Painting, and all things related to painting, is a common thread. Arts & Expression’s artistic orientation links modern and contemporary art to multiculturalism and ethnic arts. Easy to access, the program of classes and workshops is regularly updated.

Techniques taught include acrylic paint and acrylic ink, drawing (pencils, crayons, graphite, charcoal, sanguine), pastels, watercolour, traditional ink, structure/texture pastes, linocut, composite gold, collage, dyes, crochet, weaving and more.

Art therapy and relaxation techniques

Art therapy is a wonderful for all people, adults and children alike, to deal with life challenges and/or emotional issues, such as anxiety, depression and/or anger management. Those who are going through a difficult time in their life (self-doubt, low self-esteem, low self-confidence, stressful circumstances, burned-out, grief, sadness, separation, unemployment, learning difficulties, etc.). This process of personal development uses artistic creation (painting, drawing, collage, movement, etc.) as a means of expression, allowing people to work on issues, communicate symbolically and find relief when facing hardships. 

Liberation | © Eurydice Malvina (2021)

The reassuring support of the art therapist and the quiet safe setting of the creative space allow participants to express themselves freely. Thus, they are led to connect with their inner life and invited to explore within, speak their thoughts and feelings in order to spur transformation. No judgment is made on the aspect of the works produced, because beauty does not matter in the context of art therapy. What really matters is the act of creating and the meaning that each one gives to their work.

Indeed, through their personal creative process, people connect with and mobilise their inner strength. Along the way, they can increase their self-esteem and self-confidence, take a step back and bring about change to their experience by finding solutions to the difficulties they encounter. Overall, they improve the way they experience their life. 

The advantages of relaxation techniques in the art therapy framework

The innovative feature of Arts & Expression is to enrich art therapy and creative expression with relaxation techniques known for their therapeutic effectiveness, such as RMPJ, Schultz, Vittoz, heart coherence, etc. When regularly used, these methods are proven to reduce stress, improve stress management, as well as to decrease physical (muscular) tensions and levels of anxiety.

By introducing formal relaxation exercises before art therapy, participants experience relaxation within their body and their mind. This brings about feelings of connection with oneself, better self-knowledge, increased attention and focus , as well presence in the here and now. A relaxed state of mind and body allows for creativity to flow more freely and allows for better access to the imagination and a person’s internal resources and strengths, once participants are engaged in the creative process of art therapy.  

Hence, people enter more easily into states of creative flow which, in turn, allows them to better express themselves and reflect upon the challenges they face. This develops their capacity to change the way they perceive themselves and their circumstances and helps bring about the changes necessary to overcome whatever challenges they encounter within their lives.

Moreover, after the art therapy session, the relaxation methods presented can easily be replicated independently at home by participants.

Eurydice Malvina

Eurydice Malvina and elements of her on-going “Blob Project” in 2024.

Eurydice Malvina (Labaki-Bacca) is an artist, art therapist and relaxation therapist.

Eurydice holds university degrees in multimedia and visual communication and has trained in art therapy. She possesses a long resume of engaging professional experiences within these fields.

Her artistic background led her to teach visual arts and practice as an art therapist in art workshops and in schools. Her missions within schools allowed her to train in Montessori pedagogy (primary / students from 6 to 12 years old).

Moreover, for at least a decade now, Eurydice has been using the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) methods developed in 1979 by Jon Kabat-Zinn at Stanford University (US), as well as vipassana and meta meditation techniques. Her practice has made her highly and keenly aware of the positive impact the regular use of relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and meditation can have on someone’s quality of life. Thus, she has undertaken training as a relaxation therapist (with ASCA recognition), so that she may include the effectiveness of relaxation techniques to the expressive and transformative processes of art therapy within her workshops.

Nowadays, Eurydice teaches visual arts, works as an art therapist and pursues her own self-taught artistic research, thanks to a wide range of skills acquired in drawing, painting, collages and mixed techniques, linocut, crochet, weaving, knitting and mosaic. Her interventions take place at the Atelier du Square, at Montessori Meyrin school and at Arts & Expression in Geneva, Switzerland.