Every Thursday from 3 to 5 pm.

Abstract oil painting landscape. Colorful blue purple sky. Oil painting outdoor on canvas. Semi abstract tree ,field, meadow. Abstraction Landscape nature, contemporary art for background

This course offers a smoothly guided venture into abstract or semi-abstract painting. You will develop your technique, your vision, as well as your intuition, all the while exploring the rules of composition, colours (dominant, primary/ secondary/ complementary, hot/ cold, saturation, monochromatic,…), different types of contrasts, depth and perspective, volumes, textures (structure pastes, inlays, etc.), movement, atmosphere. You will work with a variety of tools and matter and experiment with ink and mix media.

A selection images will be at your your disposal, as a means to launch you into the creative process and help you find the inspiration to develop your own style.

When : Every Thursday from 3 to 5 pm
Where : Atelier du Square, rue François Bonivard 4, 1201 Genève
Price : 4 classes de 2 heures: CHF 260.- all materials included to be renewed; 8 participants maximum.