František Kupka is an artist of Czech origin, who lived and worked in Paris as of 1896. He was first an illustrator and caricaturist, but after visiting the works of Neo-impressionnists and Fauve artists, he resolutely evolved towards fine art and abstract painting.

Very interested in philosophy, literature, natural history and occultism, themes that marked his life and career, he was the first to exhibit two large non-figurative canvases at the Salon d’automne in 1912 in France. The negative criticism which ensued did not prevent him from pursuing his non-figurative research. His paintings are powerful, using rhythm, colour and shape, like music. They seem to radiate with energy and movement, and remind us of the fluidity of life.

This workshop invites you to take inspiration from Kupka and, in his footsteps, create your abstract painting which explores rhythm, shape and colour.

For who : All levels; beginners welcome.
When : Saturday 16 December 2023
Where : Atelier du Square, rue François-Bonivard, 1201 Genève
Price: CHF 85.-
Material : all inclusive